Thursday, April 15, 2010

Finally an interesting thing to talk about..

Its an usually slow day today so I'm able to read and vacuum knowledge at an alarming rate. I came across this acticle regarding a topic I think most people can relate to. Read it and tell me what you think?

Ok after reading that what would your position be? Hmm, Its an interesting position to be in. I never want to get in the way of love. My last girlfriend for as horrible of a person she turned out to be I still loved her dearly because she got me but seeing how most of my friends didn't like her I doubt any of them would date her (besides I hear she's engaged). I can't say the same about other girls but can I really have an objection to there courtship/love affair/entanglement just because I once had a strong connection to their now girlfriend? No, the fact remains that timing has as much to do with love.
I don't know anyone elses feeling about it but its true that time does helps clear up those muddle feelings. I know for me that I analyzed and over analyzed why I did what I did to make it not work or vice versa. What I couldn't see then I see now, the timing just wasn't right and thats something you can't get back.

Honestly It does bother me that a friend would date an ex but just for the reason that I would have to see them again... its weird to see, its uncomfortable, and ultimately its annoying. Sorry I can't be the bigger man and say it doesn't matter but it does matter. There's nothing more annoying then being surrounded by friends and then having an ex there with your friend, it feels like the air was zapped out of the room (the only thing more crappy would be going somewhere and to see a friend and them not telling you that an ex would be there and that their dating..its not funny its just mean-I guess I'm still peeved about that)

Its hard to summarize but the world is filled with wonderful,interesting, and beautiful people; Its hard to believe one couldn't find someone that your friends haven't dated?!

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