Monday, May 03, 2010

So April just blew by...

This month,May, will be pretty much the same. I went last week to check up on the progress of my townhouse and it should be completed by the end of this month. Which is great, It will be nice to be moved in before the summer. It still feels odd that I'm buying a place here in Florida but I guess its about time to do big boy things. I think I'll give Florida 3 more years and then I'm moving north by that time 9 yrs is more than plenty of time for this part of the world. Anyways I'm feeling like I'm stuck at work. The signs are pointing to a dead end, while I'm extremely grateful for the past 3 yrs one can only go so far in a place that seems to have revolving doors when it comes to Upper Management. I'm hesitant due the current state of the economy though I know their are pocket of opportunities my experience leads me to believe that just like any other opportunity its about knowing the right people at the right time.

Anyways I'm heading up to Grand Rapids this weekend to see the family for mother's day. Its always nice to go back and spend time with my family. Every visit just reminds me more and more how much I miss them..

If I lived in a perfect world I'd be living in Chicago like I've always wanted to, its close enough to family that I can drive to them but far enough to keep them at bay! =)

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