Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I guess I didn't get the memo..

Holy crap, its going to be October tomorrow. This morning fall made an appearance, granted in south that just means cooler morning since the leave don't change colors here. Lots has been going on around me but not really to me. I have yet another wedding I'm in but this one should be hella fun ( I think the key is to be involved in the wedding party but not too involved cuz then you get to enjoy it-you should write that down.)

Babies seem to be popping out left and right. Quite frankly Facebook has been converted into babybook but then again I think that just represents how most of my friends are getting down. Well roughly at least nine month ago.

I can't seem to get the Miley Cyrus song outta of my head. Its one of those stupid songs that makes you move. If you're driving your nodding your head or my case I'm shaking my ass. Its disturbing. I don't know if its a downgrade on my taste or my taste has changed. I use to hate talk radio and now If I'm not listening to a podcast at work I'm feeling restless!

Hmm, I'm learning that my body and my mine are no longer equals. My mine is capable of doing incredible things body can't execute these feats anymore (Stretching is essential for longevity, write that down.)

What is the point of this entry, I guess I'm just talking here. Life (yes there is a life lesson in here) is a carousel, I think I got lost in the turbulence that sometimes comes with living and have now noticed that I'm back to where I wanted to be before I lost my way. Sure I've got some scars and I've some wounds that are mending but I'm on the right track again. ( I should write that down!)

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