Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Yesterday I was prepared to see this majestic sight. A 100 ft spaceship exploded off the ground and shoot into outer space..but, as likely as that happening the Coast was met by a lighting storm off the north east side. I had gone to the beach on Saturday, I think we were probably like 55 minutes north of it but this time, we were right across the launch pad. Man, That would of been sweet! Anyways the weather has been the only predictable thing in my life right now, I can always count on it to rain. I think it hasn't helped that I'm transitioning right now and alot of things are kinda uncharted waters for me. However the dip hasn't been as cold as I first suspected I just need to get use to water.

I really wish I would of invented twitter, I mean not because its soo amazing but because its soo simple, I'm like thinking to myself, duh! anyways I'm off to lunch, the best part about living so close to work is that I can go home for lunch =)

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