Thursday, April 09, 2009

Man I don't know what it is about techno or dance music that just makes me happy! Its hard to be in a bad mood
when you're shaking your ass. Seriously when was the last time you were made dancing? I mean its possible but
chances are you wouldn't be dancing in the first place! I'm currently listening to "The Gossip- Listen UP"
Its kinda like a funky lounge beat mixed with raspy vocals. The point is that get off your couch, your desk, your plush leather
like chair. Put on your headphones and shake your ass for at least 5 minutes...if anything I'm sure it will bring a smile to your
face and those who walk in on you doing your little dance where you bite your bottom lip and awkwardly sway your hips.

One more thing, I subscribe to Details(an increasingly more gay mag as years go by) and lately they've been having this stupid bit where this lady tells you how you should wear clothes, how goatee's are not cool, Fedora's might uber uncool, that you should try wearing white jeans! Ladies and gentlemen
please,please stop the cross gender advice! I wouldn't know a thing about how you should wear your turquoise top with a scarf and skinny jeans accompanied with flats without looking like you meant to look classic but with a modern twist (what does that even mean?). I just made that up, I don't know if it looks good on you or whether people that I associate myself are the kinds of people that I should be talking to. Women know what they like and for the most part men know how
they look when they feel most comfortable. So if I want to wear a Fedora with a 3 day old beard and some old ass jeans,I'm going to wear them..and screw you for shaking your head at me because I'm that crazy cool to pull it off and not give
a damn that I might just look like a damn fool(That sentence was suppose to end a couple of words ago). Honestly at the end of the day who gives a rat's ass? IF you said no one give me a call, I'd like to hang out! (Or Facebook me, I check that as much as my phone)

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