Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sometimes I feel sad..

But then I get little emails like this in my inbox and I can't help but smile, like this cheesy smile! Ha ha I think I like the description more than the t-shirt.
I would buy it but I've already wasted enough money on Canadian inspired goods. I would have to say based on my investing experience "it" yields very low returns.
Anyways, Its becoming abundantly clear that facebook is just going farther than I think It would. I got a add request from a friend's mom. I just don' t think I can start adding parents, its just kind of weird. I mean what's next, they'll follow my tweets on twitter? Which leads me to my next little rant. Wtf? I swear Michael was just telling me about this last year and I was like what the hell is that? I joined and now its like on the radio, on tv, my favorite magazine's. Everybody is tweeting, who the hell is doing all this stuff? There has to be someone out there not doing a damn thing but chances are that person will twitter saying he isn't doing anything! Imagine if even Osama had twitter..." Ah just chillin in a cave again, sipping some desert soup and having some cactus juice, wondering if Family guy will do another bit on me?"
Sorry, It just seems like that's all we could talk about for some time and now its like poof, no more Osama talk? Just Obama... interesting how one letter can make suck a big difference.
lunch time..

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