Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Hoping for a miracle.

Yesterday I talked to mom, she told me that my friend's dad has 3 months to live. He was my first basketball coach and he hooked me up with my first summer job, I spent countless hours in his back yard playing basketball with his sons which usually ended up us getting into trouble. I grew up with his kids and we remained close til I moved away to Andrews. Needless to say he's close to my family, I heard through an email that he wasn't doing well but talking to my mom last night it kind of just hit me and I had a really cloud of sadness come over me. I'm not ashamed to say that I shed some tears. I know that we all have our time and when God decides "that's it" well that's it; however he's dying from something he can't fight, a rare form of stomach cancer. He's was one of the fittest and healthiest men I know. He played basketball, ran, hiked, biked, etc..he wasn't the guy that sat on his couch and got fat. To hear that he's wilting away was hard to hear. I think of how its not fair that my friends are losing their father that way, to have to see him physically break down from the cancer eating him away. Just not fair, just not fair.

It's a 180 for me in the sense that I was just on vacation trip where I was closed off from the world. I had no cares and I really wasn't thinking about anyone but myself, I was being selfish. Anyways I'm praying for my friend's Dad, his name Rex. I'm praying/hoping for a miracle.

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