Monday, May 12, 2008

Taking things for granted

So as I surveyed today's headlines I was reminded that a good day for me might mean a day from hell for someone else.
I wasn't able to celebrate with my Ma yesterday for the mere fact that with ever growing prices in fuel tickets to Grand Rapids are increasingly more expensive. Though according to a CNN article Americans are one among those who pay less for fuel than the rest of the world
Cheap Gas

I suppose that's a comforting notion if I weren't paying 40+ at the gas pump to just go to work every day! I mean literally don't drive anywhere that requires more than a hour drive. The lure of the open road, though very rare in Central Florida, is all but shot into a mist of evaporated gas fumes. I just can't justify driving for the sake of driving. I know there are other things that are more pressing than gas prices, like the democratic nomination, the increase of killer weather patterns-in the past week there have been epic killer cyclones, earthquakes, tornado's, and famine's just terrorizing the world. I mean its not hard to stop and listen to what is going on around you to realize that we're at a pivotal point in the planet's existence. I don't want to say that we're at a breaking point because I don't really know what that means in today's age but I feel like a wave of change is coming. This country is about to have either a woman running for president or a ex black Muslim. I would of never thought that would be possible, at least while I was still relatively young ( though I don't' think I'm young anymore! )

Anyways, Its hard to say that nothing happened this weekend when so much is happening to others..I suppose I take normalcy for granted..

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