Thursday, April 17, 2008

brainstorming in the late morning

I don't know how it got away from me. I haven't really written anything about me in some time. I mean I've had some interesting stuff happen, or at least had a experience or two that was worth blogging about. Like just this past weekend this old Spanish man pointed out to me Saddam Hussein's son, apparently he works at a parking lot garage! Yeah, I mean he went on to say that although he looked spanish he indeed spoke no Spanish. I use to think that alot of people looked Spanish. I had a similar experience back in high school when i went up to band camp and one of the guys we were hangin with was Filipino but he looked like he was Spanish so I was like you speak Spanish and he was alike no man! I'm Filipino and I was like well you look like you're Spanish as if that was reason enough to say what I did. Sorry about that Mike D.

Moving on, I would like to post a little pic of my work area.. OK nevermind I guess I won't be posting a picture to this entry because I just got some weird error message or whatever. Gosh I feel bored just writing this...I think I would of clicked next by

Well the least I can do is tell you about this sweet website, There is a way to add ring tone's to your multimedia phone by uploading your favorite music up to this site and they'll send it back to you in a converted format that you can then add a ring tone! OH yeah, its free! I feel like I've contributed to the greater good posting this..

So I'll end by writing a little poem.

What comes to mind when I think of thee, elusive slow hands
but I'm over it now like low places like home. That lonely track 11 ride back,
were only ashes are left to remember how I run from what really scares me.
I'm scared that I need love! But instead I settle for something less, like eating pumpkin soup what is a man to do? I weather on because I know Change is Gonna Come and The bleeding heart show that is my life will See you again.
Perhaps in NYC where Ballads of a Paralysed Citizen ring true.
As time goes by The more I see you with Yoshimi Battle the pink robot I feel like Hayling.
So with that I say Goodnight and GO.

( I wrote a poem from the song titles on my Itunes party shuffle, I just kept on pressing next till i couldn't write anymore...and I didn't skip any titles hence the Yoshimi Battle the Pink Robot reference!)

Thank Goodness its Thursday!

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