Tuesday, April 22, 2008

200th post

So yeah, this marks my 200th post on this particular blog, though I've posted well over 1000 entries in random blogs I've set up through out WWW. Today, of all days is Earth Day! I'm excited to learn more about how our fellow man and woman strive to make others aware that there might be a 6 billion of us but there is only 1 earth! To be reminded of this is to be self aware of how utterly mortal we are. We awe ourselves with technological advances and scientific discoveries but we still have not over come the fact we're bound to this planet.
I believe that we are aware of ways to reduce our carbon footprints, that we're aware of being comfortable some times is really being lazy like driving our car to the store when its less than a mile away. How keeping our lights on all day or running the AC when its 70 degrees outside is just plain, wrong.
I'm talking to myself right now, because for as much as I want to be able to say that I'm on the right track of being a more earth conscience person I'm not. I forget to recycle, I drive to the store, and run a fan when maybe i shouldn't but I'm aware of it, are you?

I found a link that I want to share, its called Walking and it lets you put in your address to see how close things are to you that could free you from driving your car everywhere. Generally speaking if you score in the 90's you have no excuse to be using your car as much as you do. Granted there exceptions but I'm not here to judge.

I remember 10 yrs ago when Green was more of a radical movement then a responsibility. I wonder where 10 yrs from now will bring us. I hope mandatory isn't one of the description involved because that would mean that we're at the brink of no return.

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