Friday, February 29, 2008

I've been away for a while..

Ok, not really the fact is that I've been busy at work and that's when I usually blog but It feels like I'm getting paid to do it but I'm really not. So what has been going on? I was up to Toronto for my birthday recently and I was freezing my bum bum because this Texan Boy, Turned Michigan Guy, and now Florida Man has had his blood thinned just like his hair. I bought a coat and left up there for my future trips, which is actually next week. Holly and I are taking a vacation together like real adults even though the rents are annoyed, which I mean I get but we're not little kids, So perhaps some perspective is needed. Anyways, we're heading to Montreal and Quebec City; I don't know if my rambling french will be sufficient since I really don't know how to formulate a sentence and Holly knows no French! Ha ha, it should be fun. In other news, Holly was recently presented with keys to her new Townhouse, I was able to see it this last time up there. Its really cute, I'm sure she'll have it looking great! Which makes me think that I'm ready to not have anymore roommates. What else, I feel like I've been in a black hole where no news comes in or out! I mean things are looking good right now and that's really important. I'm starting to feel some clarity and peace of mind which hasn't been the case for a while, If i could only get to the gym so I can get the body part down!

OH, I have some video clips of holly sledding and eating it, they're pretty funny..even with my horrible commentary! I'll post soon.

Well this was a bit of a dull blog but I've got some ideas that I'd like to share with you but baby steps steps..

Peace out (said in a manly ghetto voice)

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Kendra said...

it's so crazy there were like 5 or 6 of us totally absent for a while! hope all is well!