Friday, August 07, 2009

My Indulgence.

I don't know if you can qualify this as an indulgence since it doesn't cost a thing other than time. What is this indulgence you ask, well podcast's..There is a world wide variety of just podcast out there that touch on every single subject you could think of. I use to scorn at the thought of listening to talk radio. I know why I did that, it was due to the fact that I didn't have a choice on the subject. I'm telling on demand radio is the greatest thing on the radio. Yeah, I know this is the first sign of aging but you know what I don't care. The fact that I'm called sir everytime I go somewhere, the fact that I don't turn the channel when the bosley commercial comes on and that I think Jason Statham is very brave. Yes, I am 30, but if the double breasted suit can make a comeback then there's still hope.

I think I should of been a comedian not because of jokes but the stories that I could of told and the people I might of met.

In other note, being a room mate is hard work.

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