Tuesday, May 19, 2009

in my head..

You left in my car where you were holding my hand,

you're were traveling with me with broken promises and backup plans.

I've been innocently stumbling and you've been taking full advantage, how could you?

Please don't say its true.

Now I've lost a friend and in my head all things are silent again.

Can't remember our last kiss and it was done out of pity!

I need more than giving moments and reminincing stories and words only spoken out of guilt

You didn't win my heart that way.

It feels..it feels like none of this is real

I pretend that my heart and head are well

then the blood starts pumping through my veins and freezes like a river in Toronto, well I'd be pleased If I could hear you say that I made you feel warm,
that I can make you feel warm again.

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